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The story of Orescience Laboratory

Do you need a flexible partner, a team truly understanding of your needs and wants, able to bring your vision to life? Cosmetic expert for more than 20 years, Orescience Laboratory offers you all the skills necessary to carry out your projects. From private labelling to full-service development and manufacturing, we are committed to support you, strategically and operationally.

Responsive to your needs

Orescience Laboratory was born out of the desire of its founder, David Brocheriou, to create cosmetic products adapted to different skin types and contexts. Former pilot, inspired by his travels, he dreamt of a world where cosmetic products would meet individual needs. “The future at your doorstep today”. Those words determine how our president, David Brocheriou grows and adapts, every step of the way. His vision: anticipate your needs with ever more innovative and effective cosmetics, to enhance and preserve every woman’s beauty. Yesterday’s dream has become today’s reality: our research teams take into account local characteristics of each and every one of our export markets, such as climate differences or specific skin types. Skincare products bring comfort and wellness. Fatigue, dryness, heat, cold, temperature variations, air conditioning, hormonal cycle… are some of the many stress factors from which the skin and the organism at large need to be protected from. To preserve one’s health, beauty and tonicity, taking regular care of the body with the right products has become essential.

Uncompromising quality

If our projects stem from dream and imagination, they are carried out with the greatest discernment: we strongly believe that every formulation must be proven effective. Our products can only be commercialized and appreciated if their benefits are recognized by scientific experts. Our products must be effective or they will not be. This intransigence allows Orescience Laboratory to offer only products of the highest quality. At Orescience Laboratory, we make each and every choice consciously, making sure it aligns with our vision and values. This is why our products are “Made in France” and why we focus on using natural ingredients. We draw our inspiration from nature, thus the manufacturing process of Orescience Laboratory products is environmentally-friendly.

Private Label Manufacturing | Cosmetics and Dermo-cosmetics

The Research and Development division of Laboratoire Orescience offer OEM Private Label | manufacturing solutions. Do you have a project ? Would you like to develop your own line of cosmetics, dietary supplements, haircare and perfumes ? Do you want to distribute our brands Orescience, Dermoskin and Exo Keratin ? Do not hesitate to contact us.
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Laboratoire Orescience is specialized in formulation, development and contract manufacturing of cosmetic products, perfumes and food supplements, made in France 🇫🇷

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