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Yuzu: a source of youth and beauty for your skin

Yuzu lemon, also known as Yuja, Japanese lemon or (INCI: Citrus Junos), is a true treasure from central China and Tibet. Its growing popularity in Japan and Korea is based on its exceptional skincare properties.

A unique composition for powerful benefits

Yuzu is rich in flavonoids, limonoids, carotenoids, fiber and vitamin C. Thanks to these elements, it offers powerful antioxidant properties that delay the skin’s ageing process by preventing cellular oxidation. What’s more, it acts as a shield against UV rays and regulates the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color, helping to reduce pigmentation spots and even out skin tone. The result is brighter, more radiant, more even-looking skin.

Rejuvenate your skin naturally

Yuzu is a true antioxidant protector, offering a rejuvenating effect, while preserving the skin’s health and youthfulness. Its natural compounds such as hydrocarbons, limonene and linalool offer powerful antioxidant action, neutralizing the damaging free radicals responsible for skin aging. In addition, Yuzu promotes cell renewal and stimulates collagen production, improving skin elasticity and firmness. These combined benefits give skin a rejuvenated glow and a visibly younger appearance.

Yuzu seed extract: intense hydration for maximum protection

Yuzu seed extract is highly moisturizing and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis. This creates a moisturizing effect that reduces water loss from the skin, reinforcing its barrier function. Not only does it improve the appearance of the dermis, it also protects the skin against external aggressors.

Benefits for skin and hair

Did you know that Yuzu bark also contains powerful active ingredients that benefit both skin and hair? For hair, Yuzu brings vitality, shine and softness, deeply revitalizing damaged and tired strands.

Treat yourself to the luxury of caring for your skin and hair with this precious essence, inherited from thousands of years of tradition.

Yuzu: suitable for all skin types

Whether you have combination, oily, acne-prone or mature skin, Yuzu has benefits tailored to your needs.

For combination and oily skin: thanks to its astringent properties, Yuzu regulates sebum production, tightens skin pores and reduces unwanted shine. It helps to balance the skin and give it a more matt appearance.

For acne-prone skin: by regulating excessive sebum production, Yuzu helps eliminate blackheads and pimples, improving the condition of acne-prone skin. Its antimicrobial properties also help fight the bacteria responsible for skin eruptions.

For mature skin: thanks to its high vitamin C content, Yuzu stimulates collagen production, improving skin quality by making it more supple, firm and resistant. The flavonoids and limonoids present in Yuzu act against free radicals, fighting skin ageing and helping to prevent wrinkles. It is therefore ideal for maintaining the youth and vitality of mature skin.

For dull skin: thanks to its organic acid content, Yuzu tones and refreshes the skin, restoring vitality and radiance. It is particularly recommended for skin lacking luminosity and freshness, offering a more radiant, revitalized complexion.

Give your skin the elegance and refinement it deserves.

Yuzu is much more than a citrus fruit. It’s a treasure of nature, offering unique benefits for the health and beauty of your skin. Deeply nourish your skin, protect it from external aggressors, boost its vitality and rejuvenate its appearance with this precious essence.

Experience the benefits of Yuzu and give your skin the luxury it deserves.

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