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Phyto-Keratin Hair Botox | Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen

This Hair Botox is a nourishing and strengthening treatment ideal for dull and fragile hair.

Its formula contains PHYTO-KERATIN, collagen and hyaluronic acid to restore hair structure and protect the hair fiber thanks to its moisturizing, repairing and antioxidant properties.

A true elixir suitable for all hair types, especially fine, damaged and brittle hair.

Enriched with shea butter and tamarind, it nourishes and revitalizes the hair to restore a healthy and radiant appearance.

The unique formula of this product is ultra-melting and envelops each hair for instant repair and nutrition, without weighing the hair down. Thanks to collagen, hyaluronic acid and tamarind, this treatment will strengthen the hair fiber while moisturizing the scalp to prevent dehydration. Sweet Almond Oil and Lactic Acid also help reduce hair breakage and leave hair soft and silky.

Ingredient Information:

Tamarind: an ingredient that provides gentle and essential hydration to give shine to the hair. It also forms a protective film around each hair to lock in moisture and prevent dehydration.

Organic shea butter: recognized for its moisturizing properties. It deeply nourishes the hair and is ideal for dry to very dry hair.

Lactic acid: helps cleanse the scalp by regulating its pH. It also helps to bring shine to the hair to give way to healthier hair.

Gluadin kera-P LM : an active ingredient containing phyto-keratin, which has the effect of preventing hair breakage by strengthening its structure. This ingredient also facilitates hair detangling while providing deep repair. It is therefore ideal for damaged or weakened hair that needs intense care to regain its health and vitality.

Hydrolyzed silk acid PF: This active ingredient has moisturizing and elastic properties which makes the hair soft like silk. It comes to form a film around the fiber of the hair which is then protected and sheathed.

Sweet Almond Oil: Perfect for dry and damaged hair. It restores suppleness and shine to the hair thanks to its vitamin content. It provides an anti-frizz action.

Hyaluronic acid: an active ingredient with multiple virtues: not only is it recognized for its anti-aging properties, but it is also very effective in preventing hair breakage. By strengthening the hair fiber, it softens and smoothes the hair, to give it a silkier and shiny appearance. In addition, hyaluronic acid is also beneficial for the shape of the hair: it helps to give volume to flat and dull hair, and to redefine the curls of curly hair. In short, hair care based on hyaluronic acid is a valuable ally to make your hair more elegant, healthier and more resistant to breakage.

Hyactive: brings suppleness and softness to the hair, while keeping the scalp deeply hydrated.

Peptan F 2000: based on marine collagen which provides effective protection against various external aggressions such as UV rays or pollution. Collagen is a key element of the epidermis, the application of this component forms a protective film on the scalp, which thus maintains its hydration. In this way, it helps to preserve the health of the scalp and maintain healthy hair.

Directions for use: After making your shampoo, apply to dry hair, then leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. Then rinse.

Frequency of use: After a clarifying shampoo.

Special precautions: Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest.


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