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Coenzyme Q10: super-powerful antioxidant

While retinol and vitamin C are widely touted for their anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and brightening properties in skincare, Coenzyme Q10 is an increasingly popular beauty ingredient that works quietly.

Its discovery in 1957 in the United States by Dr Frederik Crane of Wisconsin was a major breakthrough in the field of biochemistry.

Also known by the INCI nomenclature « ubiquinone », Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-like substance that is naturally present in every cell of the body.

It plays a vital role in the production of energy to help the skin perform its regeneration and repair functions.

Focus on coenzyme Q10: its anti-ageing properties and effects on the skin

The skin is constantly subjected to external aggressions such as oxidative stress caused by UV rays, pollution, smoking or an unbalanced diet. That’s why Coenzyme Q10 is a valuable ally in protecting the skin by providing vital antioxidant defence, helping to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance.

As an antioxidant, Coenzyme Q10 has become the star ingredient in anti-ageing cosmetics, acting against the signs of ageing, while boosting skin regeneration.

Indeed, Coenzyme Q10 acts as a protective shield by stabilising free radicals and promoting the production of natural antioxidants, thus preserving the skin’s firmness and elasticity, while slowing down skin sagging and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The main benefits of coenzyme Q10 on the skin :

  • Delays the appearance of wrinkles and reduces the depth of expression lines.
  • Protects against UVA rays, prevents and corrects the damage caused by solar radiation on the skin.
  • CoQ10 supports the body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin
  • Prevents photoaging
  • Evens out skin tone, CoQ10 works by blocking tyrosinase, which contributes to the production of melanin, meaning CoQ10 helps to fade and prevent dark spots

Coenzyme Q10 is often combined with other ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin B3, hyaluronic acid or aloe vera in the most effective anti-ageing cosmetic products. Indeed, considered as one of the key ingredients of these products, it is present in a multitude of formulas, notably in body milks, toning lotions, eye care products as well as in face creams and serums.

Note that it is also possible to maintain CoQ10 levels at a high level by consuming naturally rich foods (chicken and beef) are good examples, or even peanuts, lentils and sesame seeds, as well than fatty fish such as sardines, salmon, mackerel and tuna which are a very rich source of coenzyme Q10.

In summary, the data presented underscores that Coenzyme Q10 is a cosmetic ingredient of choice, providing vital antioxidant protection to maintain youthful and healthy skin. The exceptional properties of CoQ10 make it an essential asset for any skin care ritual.

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