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Volumizing Gel, Firming Breasts & Buttocks | Cryo effect

Give your buttocks and chest an attractive curve, a firmer and rounder appearance without surgery.

Cell growth in the breasts and buttocks is stimulated.
This is the promise of the chest and butt volumizing gel developed by the R&D experts of Laboratoire Orescience.
A more generous and luscious breast, plumper buttocks, thanks to an innovative formula with powerful active ingredients, such as Volufiline, Cellactive form, fenugreek seed extract, for visible and scientifically confirmed results.
A real expert care, offering a tensor, refreshing, relaxing, firming and sublimating effect.

Frequency of use: Morning and/or evening
Directions for use: Apply the gel to the chest and buttocks in circular movements until the product is completely absorbed.

Ingredient Information:

Cellactive: This active ingredient stimulates the production of lipids and their accumulation in the fatty tissues of the targeted area. The breasts and buttocks are firmed and smoothed, the neckline is amplified, the buttocks are curved.

Fenugreek seed extract: This extract stimulates the growth of new cells in the breast and buttocks which gives them a bigger volume. It provides hydration and its anti-oxidant properties slow down skin aging.

Volufine: Volufine increases the volume of the breasts and buttocks by accumulating lipids in the adipocytes of these areas. Adipocytes are larger.

Menthol: Menthol is the compound that gives the « cryo freshness » effect, offering a tensor effect to the product. It improves the penetration of other active ingredients into the skin.

Clinical tests:
Skin elasticity: in 28 days +10% elasticity
Breast volume: in 84 days +13% volume


Appearance: Gel
Color: Cloudy
Smell: Mint

Ref: CREMS&F09-1

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