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Detangler for horses | Coat, Mane & Tail Care

Sulfate-free detangling treatment, with a pleasant scent, to gently detangle and facilitate brushing of the coat of horses and ponies, an ideal formula for grooming matted or knotted hair, or even maintaining the horse’s mane and tail.
A unique formula, with moisturizing, regenerating, softening properties, and rich in vitamin B5.

Directions for use: Spray the detangling treatment after washing the mane, coat, tail, etc., then brush.

Precautions for use: External use. Formulated for horses – Keep out of reach of children – Close tightly after use – Store in a cool, dry place

Organic aloe vera gel: The trace element content of organic aloe vera gel nourishes the horse’s epidermis, while stimulating cell renewal, giving it regenerating properties. The vitamins and minerals it contains will hydrate the epidermis and soothe the skin.
Suitable for sensitive and dry horse skin, moisturizes and limits the aging of the skin and coat.

Hydrolyzed silk acid PF: Active ingredient with moisturizing and elastic properties that makes the horse’s hair soft like silk. It comes to form a film around the dress, which is then protected and sheathed.

D-panthenol: Its composition, very rich in vitamin B5, will hydrate and repair the horse’s epidermis. It facilitates absorption, providing essential and revitalizing hydration.

Dehyquart A-CA: An active ingredient with cationic properties, which will facilitate detangling.

All our Private Label cosmetic formulas: Skin care & grooming for Horses

Are you looking for a laboratory to create, manufacture, package and label your range of cosmetic care & grooming for Horses in Private label?

Laboratoire Orescience offers turnkey « full service » solutions, with a catalog of rich and varied standard formulas, already developed and tested.

Send us your specifications, and together we can build a unique offer for your brand.

Private Label Manufacturing | Cosmetics and Dermo-cosmetics

The Research and Development division of Laboratoire Orescience offer OEM Private Label | manufacturing solutions. Do you have a project ? Would you like to develop your own line of cosmetics, dietary supplements, haircare and perfumes ? Do you want to distribute our brands Orescience, Dermoskin and Exo Keratin ? Do not hesitate to contact us.
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