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Pillow Mists | Relaxing, Restorative & Peaceful Night

Spray a soothing fragrance to sleep better, that is the promise of Laboratoire Orescience pillow mists.

Laboratoire Orescience « relaxing nights » pillow mists have been specially formulated to be used on household linen (pillow, curtains, bedsheets…) to relax the mind for a restful, refreshing and peaceful sleep. Unique, light but powerful fragrances will leave a sweet smell on your household linen, and will transport you in a wonderful olfactory journey.

Laboratoire Orescience offers you different formulas of Pillow Mists under Private Label :

  • Pillow mist with orange blossom and cotton.
  • Pillow mist with orange blossom
  • Pillow mist with chamomile and tea tree
  • Pillow mist with frangipani flower
  • Pillow mist with white tea and lotus

How to use : Spray a few drops on your pillows in the evening before bedtime to create an atmosphere of well-being. Spray 30 to 40 cm from your bedsheets.

Frequency of use: Once a day.
Special precautions: Do not swallow. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes.

All our Private Label cosmetic formulas : Aromatherapy care, Essential Oils, Dry oils

Are you looking for a laboratory to create, manufacture, package and label your Private Label cosmetic range?

Laboratoire Orescience offers you turnkey « full service » solutions, with a catalogue of rich and varied standard formulas, already developed and tested.

Send us your specifications, and let’s build together a unique offer for your brand.

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The Research and Development division of Laboratoire Orescience offer OEM Private Label | manufacturing solutions. Do you have a project ? Would you like to develop your own line of cosmetics, dietary supplements, haircare and perfumes ? Do you want to distribute our brands Orescience, Dermoskin and Exo Keratin ? Do not hesitate to contact us.