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Bee Venom Face Cream | Tensor effect, Moisturising, Firming and Elasticity

A perfect blend of nature and technology, this Apitoxin-based anti-ageing cream, also known as Bee Venom, is a rich, concentrated formula that mimics the effects of a bee sting (in a mild form, of course) to promote firmer, plumper skin. A powerful tightening treatment, considered the new natural Botox. An ideal cream for mature skin, providing a real protective barrier that stimulates cell regeneration.

Main active ingredients:

  • Apitoxin: an active ingredient that promotes collagen production, combined with melittin, an oligopeptide of 26 amino acid residues, known for its anti-inflammatory effectiveness.
  • Happybelle-Pe™: its properties are clinically proven, Happybelle stimulates cellular activity (in vitro test), increases skin hydration and firmness, and decreases wrinkle depth (in vivo test).

How to use: Apply morning and evening around the eyes, in the area of dark circles, crow’s feet and eyelids from the inside to the outside until completely absorbed.

Storage instructions: Store at room temperature.

Precaution for use: Do not use in persons allergic to bee stings.

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