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The best of natural ingredients concentrated in a solid face and body cream (Sulfate and Paraben-Free)

Our basic formulas are composed of grape seed oil, hazelnut oil and carnauba wax. They are adapted to different skin types, thanks to the diversity of our formulas and the active ingredients proposed below.

Depending on the active ingredients chosen, the solid face and body cream can offer nourishing virtues, moisturising, soothing, anti-ageing, anti-imperfection, purifying, sebum-regulating, etc.

Formula (1) : Solid face & body cream | Dry skin

Active ingredients : Apricot kernel oil, safflower oil

Yuka rating: 100/100

Formula (2) : Solid face & body cream | Sensitive skin

Active ingredients: Bay laurel oil, comfrey oil

Yuka score: 93/100

Formula (3): Solid face & body Cream | Oily and Acne-prone Skin

Active ingredients : Aloe vera, lavender floral water

Yuka score: 100/100

Formula (4): Solid face & body Cream | Darker Skin with Acne

Active ingredients: Baobab oil, Prickly pear oil

Yuka score: 100/100

Formula(5) : Solid face & body cream | All skin types

Active ingredients: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil

Yuka score : 100/100

Formula (6) : Solid face & body cream | All skin types

Active ingredients : Avocado oil, Mango butter

Yuka score : 100/100

Texture: non-greasy, quick penetration, easy to spread
Shape of our solid creams : half sphere
Ingredients: Natural origin and Vegan.
Made in France

Private Label Manufacturing | Cosmetics and Dermo-cosmetics

The Research and Development division of Laboratoire Orescience offer OEM Private Label | manufacturing solutions. Do you have a project ? Would you like to develop your own line of cosmetics, dietary supplements, haircare and perfumes ? Do you want to distribute our brands Orescience, Dermoskin and Exo Keratin ? Do not hesitate to contact us.
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