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Facial Cryotherapy or Skin-Icing: the power of ice on the skin

The beauty industry is constantly advancing, and among the latest revolutionary trends is a brand new skincare practice that delivers instant benefits.

Cryotherapy, or cryogenic therapy, is a form of treatment that uses negative or near-freezing temperatures on areas of the body to benefit from its decongesting, toning, anti-ageing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, firming and anti-wrinkle effects.

Many top athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, Teddy Riner… use cryotherapy to relieve and reduce post-exertion or chronic pain associated with intensive training.

But what’s new according to a recent survey on the strongest new 2022 skin care trends, is that cold is now being applied as a cosmetic treatment on the face.

In 2016, Laboratoire Orescience, a pioneer in the research and development of cold cosmetic treatments « Made in France », was awarded the « Victoire de la beauté 2016-2017 » prize by a jury of consumers for its CRYO-SHAPE slimming gel, the first cosmetic treatment based on the concept of cryotherapy aimed at reducing stubborn curves in the thighs, stomach, hips, buttocks and arms.

Let’s take a look today at the new anti-ageing trend of « Skin-Icing« .

Popularised thanks to the Instagram posts of celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba and Russian model Irina Shayk, Skin Icing is an innovative technique, inspired by cryotherapy, which consists of applying ice cubes to the face in order to tighten and contract the skin with each movement, not only to firm the complexion but also to give it much more vitality.

The idea of applying ice cubes to the face offers an almost instant lifting effect, the only downside and frankly annoying, is the ice cubes melting and dripping on the clothes.

This is the reason why, and thanks to a creative and industrial mastery of all the know-how, Laboratoire Orescience, expert in the research and development of innovative cosmetic formulas for more than 20 years, continues its progression in the development of cosmetic products based on the concept of cryotherapy.

As you will have understood, the year 2022 will be under the sign of « Skin-Icing » and will mark the great return to the French and international markets of the CRYO-SHAPE brand, with a unique and innovative concept of frozen facial care, based on the virtues of cold for the skin.

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