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Intensive Anti Hair Loss Care | Stimulates hair growth at the root

The Intensive Anti Hair Loss care CLARYA is a treatment to fight hair loss and to boost the new hair growth.

  • Fully restores the vitality of the hair
  • Stimulates hair growth at the root
  • Increase significantly the hair density in 3 months

Use: Apply twice a day uniformly on scalp. A vial must be considered for 2 days, either 4 applications. Massage in to help the product penetrate the scalp. Do not rinse.

Main active ingredients:

Anagain: patented complex made of pea sprout extract, rich in proteins and fibers : stimulate dermal papilla (initiate the growth of a new hair), improves significantly the density of hair and prolongs the hair life

Efficiency tests:

Hair loss effect observed with Anagain in 3 month on 20 volunteers (in vivo test):

75%  Deceleration of hair loss

60%  Increase in the growth speed of the hair

65%  Stronger hair

70% More resistant hair

80% Less breakable hair

Hair growth activation: activation of the dermal papilla thanks to the AnaGain action (in vitro test)

10 vials of 10 ml

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