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Heat Warming Balm | Warm relief for muscle & joint

The Heating Balm is an effective treatment to relax minor aches and pains.
Providing a feeling of warmth, it is also used against headaches or blocked nose.

Our warming balm can also be used for :

– Reduces joint and muscle strains
– Back pain
– Stiff muscles

How to use :
Apply and gently massage in painful points. Repeat if necessary.

Main active ingredients :
Peppermint: Tones and restores radiance to the skin.
Clove: Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.
Cajeput and Cinnamon of China: Anti-infectious and anti-bacterial.
Camphor: Relieves muscular and rheumatic pains.
Macadamia: Protects and limits the aggressions of the skin.
Sunflower: Fights against skin aging.
Soya : Softens the skin. Peppermint : Tones and restores shine to the hair.

Capacity: 30 ml

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