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Jeunesse Eternelle | Anti-ageing serum

Jeunesse Eternelle is a powerful triple-action serum targeting the root causes of cutaneous ageing. This serum fights pollution and oxidative stress, which are the main skin ageing accelerators.

Jeunesse Eternelle triple-action:
-Immediate tightening effect
-Preventive and curative action on cutaneous ageing

Apply morning and night on face and neck, as a replacement or supplement to a hydrating cream.

Main actives:
-Resistress:  patented antioxidant active derived from Sophora Japonica flower. This active stimulates the skin’s antioxidant defenses and repairs the damage caused by oxidative stress.
-Glycofilm: patented active acting as an anti-pollution shield.
-Calcium alginate: active recognized for its smoothing and wrinkle-filling properties.

Effectiveness tests:
-22% increase in antioxidant capacity of the skin after just one week of use
-Minimal protection of 96% against heavy metal particles inlay in the skin
-71% protection from carbon particles

30 ml pump bottle

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