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VerySlim | Slimming concentrated dry oil

VerySlim is a true anti-cellulite revolution, making it possible to easily reproduce at home the professional “pinch-and-roll” technique. VerySlim combines a unique dry oil formulated with 16 essential oils and a patented active with a fat cell-draining vacuum cup. Orange peel skin aspect and dimples are visibly reduced, the figure is thinner, the skin is toned and firmed.

Usage :
Spray the dry oil on target areas. Pinch the cup and place it, pinched, on the oiled skin. Release and slide the cup over the skin from bottom to top, then from inside out and finish off with circular movements. For optimal results, massage every day for 5 minutes.

Main actives :
-Concentrated pink peppercorn oil. Powerful lipolytic active, able to dissolve fats, pink peppercorn inhibits the development of fat cells.
-Unique blend of 16 complementary essential oils with lipolytic, draining, anti-inflammatory and slimming properties: lemon, ylang-ylang, rosemary…

Effectiveness tests :
-93% of women found their buttocks firmer
-89% of women found their skin firmer
-82% of women saw visible reduction of orange peel skin aspect
After 15 days:
-Up to -3,2 cm in waist circumference
-Up to -1,9 cm in thigh circumference
After 30 days:
-Up to -4,9 cm in waist circumference
-Up to -5,8 cm in thigh circumference
After 60 days:
-Up to -5,4 cm in waist circumference
-Up to -6,4 cm in thigh circumference

100 ml spray and 2 vacuum cups

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