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SLIM STICK | Slimming dietary supplement

SLIM STICK is a slimming plants, vitamins and minerals-packed dietary supplement with draining and antioxidant actions. SLIM STICK is ideal for those suffering from water retention.

-100% of vitamins preserved
-Red berries flavor

Usage :
For 15 days, consume 1 stick diluted in 250 ml water with breakfast.

Main actives :
-Cactinea™ : prickly pear extract. This fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals; highly concentrated in indicaxanthin, a rare and precious antioxidant pigment easily absorbed by the organism; it is also highly draining and promotes the elimination of toxins, while preserving essential minerals
-Meadowsweet: fights water retention and cellulite thanks to its diuretic, sudorific and detoxifying properties
-Green tea: tones basal metabolism which triggers fat-burning; possesses diuretic properties

Effectiveness tests :
-87% of women who tried SLIM STICK were convinced of its effectiveness
-Up to -3,3kg in 28 days
-Up to -1,4 cm in waist circumference in 28 days

15×90 g powder sticks + 1 250 ml bottle

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