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Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid shots | Anti-ageing dietary supplements

Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid shots are dietary supplements aiming to fight signs of ageing, from within. Indeed, wrinkles form because of a diminution in collagen and hyaluronic acid levels – responsible for skin elasticity and hydration – in the organism over time. Henceforth, the skin needs to replenish in those elements from external sources. Orescience’s marine collagen and hyaluronic acid shots thus have a true anti-ageing action: the skin is firmed, deeply hydrated and radiant.

-Ready to consume
-Lemon flavor

Usage :
Drink one shot daily for 10 days. Shake well before use.

Main actives :
-Collagen: naturally present in the organism, collagen is responsible for skin elasticity and firmness.
-Hyaluronic acid: naturally present in the organism, hyaluronic acid guarantees skin hydration since it is able to retain 20 times its weight in water.
-Burdock: possesses purifying and cleansing properties.

10 shots x 10 ml pack

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