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Instant Slim | Slimming dietary supplement

Instant Slim is a slimming dietary supplement with plant extracts, peach and mango flavored. Instant Slim contributes to an improved elimination process.

Usage :
Dilute 15 ml of Instant Slim (1 measuring cap) in a glass of water twice a day for 2 weeks. Repeat if necessary. Shake well before use.

Main actives :
-Fennel : very rich in antioxidants, fennel helps eliminate aqueous and fatty cellulite by promoting fat elimination
-Dandelion: possesses important draining and decongestant properties, stimulates kidneys and fights water retention, has a detoxifying action
-Rosemary: effective antioxidant, possesses diuretic properties and eases digestion
-Meadowsweet: eases renal elimination and has a diuretic action

500 ml bottle

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