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Café Ligne | Instant slimming drink with coffee and chicory

Café Ligne is a slimming instant coffee and chicory drink. Café Ligne acts on sugar metabolism: it prevents it from transforming into fat, while reducing insulin secretion. Meanwhile, Café Ligne also helps regulate mood swings and appetite in order to avoid cravings and snacking.

-100% natural
-Caffeine, cafestol and kahweol free
-For men and women
-Pleasant taste
-Visible results

Usage :
Pour a Café Ligne stick in a cup with 100 ml boiling water. Consume up to 3 cups daily.

Main actives :
-Svetol™: decaffeinated and unroasted green coffee extract with a neutralizing action on sugar absorption, which forces the organism to draw from its fat reserves
-Acacia fibers: reduce fat absorption, stimulate and regulate transit and possess proven prebiotic and bifidogenic effects
-Garcinia: natural appetite regulator, this plant reduces hunger and cravings. It also diminishes fat formation and storage

Effectiveness tests :
-100% of volunteers saw their waist circumference reduced
-100% of volunteers lost weight after 15 days
-Average weight loss of 2,2 kg after 15 days

15 x 3,9 g sticks box

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