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Physiorelax | Heating muscle relaxant cream

Physiorelax cream Dermoskin® is an analgesic and muscle relaxant medical device. Formulated with Abano Terme hyperthermal water, Physiorelax instantly relieves muscle and joint pain, with no epidermal reactions.

-Recommended for cramps, joint pain, fibromyalgia…
-Recommended before and after exercising to optimize warm-up and recovery
-Formulated with ingredients of natural origin
-Paraben and vaseline free
-Fragrance free

Usage :
Apply a thin layer of Physiorelax 2 to 3 times a day on target areas. Massage until the cream is completely absorbed. In order to prepare for exercise and ease recovery, apply Physiorelax before and after physical activities on muscles.

Main actives :
-Abano Terme hyperthermal water : one of the world’s richest in rare minerals and micronutrients. This water is hydrating, soothing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
-Vanillyl butyl ether : heating and analgesic natural active.
-Physalis angulata: plant with proven anti-inflammatory properties, especially effective on contracted and painful muscles.

100 ml tube (CoEx)

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